Multi-ethnical, cross-cultural and without boundaries.


In the world we live in today, we are connected to each other’s flow of ideas and experiences.
Everyone expresses themselves in their own way and the concept of beauty has now become broader.
Social media has become the ultimate tool for voices all over the world!

Beauty has become global.

ALFAPARF MILANO has been inspired by this cultural change, and for the 2018/19 Collection.
We incorporated the latest trends that immolate our philosophy.


This is People.



This collection is inspired by hairstylists like you:
every day you breathe life into our products on your social channels,
turning them into personal looks, all different,
each designed for the person who's going to wear it:
these diversities make a brand like Alfaparf Milano unique.

was born for this: celebrating what you do every day.

#ALFAPARFPEOPLE is all of you!

Unleash your creativity, share your creations with #ALFAPARFPEOPLE
and tell us what you love, what you dream of and what you believe in!

Join the community:
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