Fine hair treatment



Give shape to attitude

Hair beauty is innate: any type of hair embodies the potential to be beautiful.
One just needs to understand how to treat it properly.

Environmental conditions such as heat and humidity are precisely the main external sources of stress for hair.
Climate fluctuations strongly affect how our hair looks: too puffy, flat, full of static electricity, frizzy, dehydrated.
Our hair does not often make us look just like we wish we did.

Semi di Lino Volume is a treatment line specifically developed to give density to fine, weighted hair, hydrating it and preventing moisture and atmospheric agents from undermining its natural beauty.


The technology that doesn't fear the climate

CLIMATE-PROOF: is the Semi di Lino active ingredient, able to keep the optimal level of hydration and to protect the hair as climatic conditions change, depending on humidity and temperature.

*Instrumental tests performed on hair treated with the Semi di Lino Volume service line

The specific active of the line

VOLUME BOOST COMPLEX: is a biocompatible polymer that helps restructure hair fibre from the inside, thin hair acquires more volume increasing their diameter without losing lightness and softness. More lasting volume.

*Instrumental tests performed on hair treated with the Semi di Lino Volume service line


The Semi di Lino Volume line products are free from animal origin and derived ingredients.


Fine hair becomes fuller and thicker.