Colour World London 2019

A #colourtastic prospect

2019 will be the fourth edition of Colour World UK – a two-day gathering for colourists set in a former warehouse in Dalston, London.

The venue is supremely popular with all visitors who cite as the main attractions:
• inspiration
• education
• being able to talk direct with their colour idols
• the free-flow of the event
• the independent vibe – being less corporate, allowing the colourists to feel the event belongs to them.

Working with the fabric of the old buildings and using props and furniture in keeping – including a large selection of stored antiques and artefacts – we create the backdrop and conjure up an atmosphere of artistry and excitement.

Skylights and glass roof make this a light-flooded building with workshops and large rooms, walkways and studios all in use, providing really individual areas for visitors to discover as they please.

In 2018, a total of 1285 unique visitors were clicked in over the two days (plus sponsor teams of whom many are colourists) and 102 VIPs claimed goodie bags.

The ethos of Colour World UK 2019 is to be “anti-zoo” which means we want as much activity as possible to be on the flat, keeping visitors and presenters on the same level.

We try to avoid any sense of “them and us” and prefer to not have platforms or stages. We are happy there is no backstage. While we provide you with some storage space, and a small breakout area for your team, we request no-behind-the-scenes prep on-site for colour.

We provide the outer shell of an event including the marketing, ticketing, promotion and venue, as well as great wi-fi so feel free to
plan for live-streams and much social interactivity.

Our production company is the preferred supplier for the simple reason that they can ensure a cohesive and smooth-running event – our venue is not used to hairdressing gatherings with public visiting, so its vital we respect this and make the production get in/out as smooth as possible.

Our visitors tell us they love the feeling that they are here to learn, interact and share rather than shop. They enjoy an event that eschews corporate hard-selling. The joy of our venue is in th e look and feel of it and so we ask you do NOT use pop-up banners nor branding to the extent of some “traditional events”.

We ask that as much as possible you keep to the spirit of the event. Colour World UK has made great strides in just three years.

Join the adventure – DON’T KILL THE VIBE!