A house is not a home without people.


To design our house, we have used only the finest raw materials, like those of our products, created with precise craftsmanship.

We are talking about formation, but most importantly, about passion and inspiration.

We will teach you the house rules, so that you can acquire methods and practice, to then use these and interpret them with your own creativity. This place is for you: the person who makes creativity your mission, who ventures along the most daring paths and always comes out on top, who rewrites the rules with brush and expertise.

ACADEMIES: unique programmes devoted to achieving excellence through specific certifications.

DISCOVERY PATH: half-day sessions devoted to learning about the new products and the right skills to use them.

COLOUR AND CARE SEMINARS: explore all the seminars about the house rules of Alfaparf Milano.

Once you've learned the rules, look for new directions, lose yourself in inspiration, then always find your way home.

COLOUR, SHAPE, CUTTING, STYLING SEMINARS: explore all the creative freedom seminars of Alfaparf Milano.