This is a project that has been developed by Alfaparf Group and AIPD Bergamo and now in its second edition with the objective of offering young people with Down's Syndrome a professional future.

Beauty in all its forms has been a great achievement at a social level. After its first successful edition, and thanks to the commitment and dedication of Alfaparf Group and AIPD Bergamo (Italia Association of People with Down’s Syndrome), in February 2016 a new educational cycle will be starting.


The aim of this project is to offer these youngsters the chance to develop a new professional competence, improve their social personal empowerment and help them enter the labour market.


Beauty in all its forms is not just a chance to acquire useful skills to build up a professional career, but also a tool to foster social inclusion.


The group is made up of 6 boys and girls, 4 ALFAPARF GROUP trainers and 2 AIPD educators, and an innovative educational method is used, especially designed for people with intellectual disabilities: theoretical classes with videos, pictures and words alternating practical sessions aimed at improving the manual skills of each student. The theory learnt during the classes will be put into practice at the end of the course, prior to taking an examination, to guarantee comprehensive knowledge as far as possible.

The project addresses young people and adults with Down’s syndrome, aged from 18 upwards.

The course is structured in one four-hour meeting per week, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., over a total of 14 weeks. (10 weeks for the Theoretical Learning Module + 4 weeks of internship in hair salons).

At the end of the course, after an examination to test the results achieved, the group will be ready to practice, rightfully, the skills – required by their professional profile – showing what they’ve learnt during the course.

The following step is an Internship. Once the Learning Module is over, the students will start practical sessions in partnered hair salons. This experience will allow the students to measure up to the future professional world, thus learning how to interact with other people and overcoming intellectual disabilities, encouraging the development of a new social awareness.

The location of the course is 65, Via Gambirasio, Bergamo.



Meta Social, a Brazilian institution that has been committed for a long time to social activities, started “Beleza em todas suas formas”, a project aimed at social inclusion for the educational and professional growth of young adults with Down’s syndrome in 2013. Alfaparf Group, an Italian multinational corporation in the beauty industry, has decided to partner Meta Social in this innovative project, developing and managing training courses for “hairdressers’ assistants”.

The results are incredibly exciting: out of 91 young people, as many as 22 have found a job after completing the course.



Many students have found a real job as “hairdresser’s assistant”: “Beauty in all its forms” has shown it is not just a sound project on paper, but first and foremost a real contribution to the personal and professional development of these boys and girls.

Be inspired by Anna’s story, a young girl with Down’s syndrome; after attending the course, she was hired by Alfaparf Milano!