Be Onlife And Share The Now

Whether our experience is physical or digital, the important thing is to share it. Let yourself be inspired by the real and virtual colors of the new ALFAPARF MILANO collection.


Real + virtual

Analogue and digital: two apparently opposite worlds merge to create textural shades enhanced with metallic tones. This collection celebrates the here and now, where we have learnt to live increasingly connected lives and be ourselves. 

A new perception of color

We all live in multiple dimensions. We move effortlessly from our real life to the vibrant and colorful virtual life that plays out on the screens of our devices. The time has come to merge these lives and create new points of view and unprecedented nuances, in hair fashion too. Like the Color Wear, Evolution of the Color and Precious Nature shades in the new collection. 

Beige Glacé
Three new textural colors that take their inspiration from nature.


Five digital colors ranging from silver to pink that will steal the show, even on screen.

Ultra Violet
Four colors with violet blue tones that give greater depth to dark bases and neutralize yellow tones.


video onlife

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