A house is not a home without people.

Welcome home, free spirits.

We have created education programs for you, who make every day a work of art, with courses that will guide and support you, whatever the stage of your professional career.
This space is for you because you make creativity your mission, you embark on the toughest journeys but always come out on top, you rewrite the rulebook with your brush and expertise.

The value

To design our house, we have used only the finest raw materials, like those of our products, created with precise craftsmanship.

Now that we have made you feel at home, you can be part of the family. We are talking about formation, but most importantly, about passion and inspiration.

We will teach you the house rules, so that you can acquire methods and practice, to then use these and interpret them with your own creativity.

This place is for you: the person who makes creativity your mission, who ventures along the most daring paths and always comes out on top, who rewrites the rules with brush and expertise.

Make yourself comfortable hairstyling dreamer


Creative freedom


Once you’ve learned the rules, look for new directions. Put yourself through your paces with our seminars designed to help you master advanced lightening techniques, revolutionary cuts and styling.

International Academies


Milan is a synonym of fashion, art and design trends. This one-of-a kind and inspirational city is home to the new Alfaparf academy.


From Italy to England and back, but remaining in the eternal city, where creative designers team succeeds in influencing Italian tradition with a distinctly British style.

San Sebastián

Training comes first” is the motto of Ramiro Mata, who in his great San Sebastián academy presents the latest fashion trends which look ahead to the future.

Rio de Janeiro

The master of Eliabe Moreira lies in his unique and brilliant skills of creating an artistic cocktail mixing the precision of cutting, the creativity of color and the elegance and fashion of our time.

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