About us, the Alfaparfpeople

Agile, entrepreneurial, and attentive to sustainability: the Alfaparf Milano people work daily in multiple locations to create products and services for hair and skin care in collaboration with hairstylists and estheticians.


    Working together to promote beauty

    We want to bring beauty into people's lives. Our products and services allow us to do this with quality and creativity, promoting an Italian style designed to anticipate the trends of tomorrow.

    Our contribution to a sustainable world

    Since 2018 Alfaparf Milano has been actively participating in building a more sustainable world: our ambitious aim is to contribute to the achievement of 13 sustainable development goals by 2030.


    Our brands

    15 brands dedicated to skin and hair care.



    The right opportunity can come along at any time. For this reason we continually seek and evaluate talent from all around the globe.