Governance & Ethics

Our governance

The Corporate Governance system adopted by Alfaparf Milano ensures effective, transparent, ethical, and sustainable management of company activities, guaranteeing that value is created for all stakeholders in the long term.


Through internal control and risk management systems, aligned with national and international best practices, we maintain and strengthen our corporate governance system: improving our performance in the economic, environmental, and social fields, increasing competitiveness, and consolidating our ability to attract and retain the best resources.

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics, adopted in 2016 and updated in 2022, is an essential document to ensure that the members and people of the company adopt ethical and professional behavior towards the stakeholders and, more generally, towards the entire civil, economic, and social setting in which they operate.


Our mission is not based exclusively on a static vision of profit, understood as the sole purpose of business activity: it recognizes the importance of also pursuing social and environmental objectives.

This is why our code of ethics describes in a detailed way the policies adopted, to ensure respect for the individual, the protection of the environment and the development of local communities.


Corporate responsibility therefore takes on concrete form in the creation of value for all stakeholders in the awareness that their satisfaction promotes a relaxed and serene environment, allowing a relationship of mutual trust and collaboration to be established, which is essential for the pursuit of the common good.


In compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023 (the so-called "Whistleblowing Law") and with a view to guaranteeing correctness and transparency in the conduct of its work, the company has adopted a corporate procedure and software aimed at reporting of offenses in the company relevant for the purposes of the law or internal regulations.


The information system in question consists of the "My Governance" platform, provided by the company MYGO S.r.l. which guarantees the confidentiality and protection requirements of the entire reporting process.


Those entitled to make a report pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/2023, will be able to access the following link https://areariservata.mygovernance.it/#!/WB/Beauty-Business, following the guided procedure and filling in all required data by the platform for the purpose of the successful outcome of the report.