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Taking care of our #alfaparfpeople

Protecting the rights of all individuals

Promoting equity through the elimination of poverty and the creation of decent living conditions for everyone: this is what social sustainability is about.


Alfaparf Milano is committed to defending the right of every human being to live in a setting that allows them to fully and legitimately express their individuality, in order to build a better society for the whole community.

Human development and realization of potential

Alfaparf Milano promotes human development and helps people to reach and express their potential through a series of projects which are implemented both inside and outside the company. These projects are aimed at enhancing diversity and promoting inclusion, protecting the health and safety in the workplace, the promotion of corporate wellbeing, the protection of the most vulnerable people, the promotion of respect for human rights, the support of health facilities and research in the medical field, and the enhancement of historical, artistic and cultural heritage, to support scientific dissemination activities and to protect the environment and biodiversity.

Capabilities, skills, knowledge

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”: a phrase from Benjamin Franklin that Alfaparf Milano has made its own for a long time. For us, training is an essential part of our development strategy.


With this in mind, we have made training programs available to our employees and our customers which are aimed at transmitting the knowledge and skills needed to perform their work in the best possible way.


We are also active locally, collaborating and supporting schools and training institutes.

Communication and empowerment

Communication is a fundamental tool for promoting corporate culture: it is the precise duty of a company to communicate and share information on its performance, its activities, its products and its objectives based on real, measurable and verifiable data.


Alfaparf Milano believes in the strength of communication as a means to foster the empowerment of individuals and local communities, and to stimulate their attention to the company's sustainability projects and to the values that inspire them.