Mitigating climate change

Reversing the course

Climate change is a global problem that is causing effects which are often irreversible.


To change the course of events, it is vital to put in place a series of immediate and concrete actions to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale.


Alfaparf Milano is aware of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and has decided to take these into account both in its strategic planning and business operations.

CO2 emissions from manufacturing

Since 2018, Alfaparf Milano has been measuring the CO2 emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) generated through its manufacturing. It has been publishing these results in the Sustainability Report and undertaking a series of actions to start reducing and offsetting these.

CO2 emissions of products

As far as product-related emissions are concerned, we have chosen to focus our attention on packaging, reducing any unnecessary wrapping, using sustainable raw materials and offsetting residual emissions.

Environmental impacts

We evaluate, monitor and undertake to reduce all other impacts on the environment, implementing measures and actions aimed at promoting the efficient use of water and energy, and the reduction of waste production.