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The Group

Our story

Since 1980, the future has always been in our minds.

The Origins

We launched in 1980 thanks to the idea of Roberto Franchina, who, along with around ten people, began to design products in northern Italy for the hairdressing channel.


A few years passed and, in 1989, the Semi di Lino line was launched, which was destined to be our first great commercial success. The following year came the launch of permanent color, the Evolution of the Color line.


In the 90s we began the adventure abroad. The first exports were to Spain and Latin America, followed by the commercial branches in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela. Manufacturing also began: the first factories launched in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico.


At the end of the 90s, Alfaparf Milano took the qualitative leap towards being a global benchmark company in the professional cosmetics market. In fact, in 2000, we completed the development of the Osio Sotto headquarters, a total area of 25 thousand square meters, where manufacturing and storage still take place today, as well as office space.


In the early 2000s, we expanded the two flagship factories (Mexico and Brazil) to reach their current size of about 30 thousand square meters. The Group's international vocation has been confirmed and grown over the years with the opening of various branches in Latin America, the USA, and Australia.


Business continued to grow in the territories where Alfaparf Milano has been present for some years now, becoming the world leader in its reference market as a group entirely with Italian capital.


This growth was strengthened in 2009 with the acquisition of GTS S.p.A., a company founded in the 70s which is active in the production and marketing of professional products for skin care (face, make-up and, body) and aesthetic equipment for beauty salons.


Alongside the activities related to the Group’s brands, the Private Label business has also grown substantially. The production on behalf of third parties, especially in the toning area, has become a flagship thanks to Alfaparf Milano’s know-how and development of commercial relationships with increasingly high-quality and outstanding clients.


Over recent years, Alfaparf Milano has been determined to move towards globalization, both in terms of new geographical locations and new brands and/or distribution channels. Geographically speaking, exports to countries in Eastern and Northern Europe (Russia, and the Baltic, Scandinavian and Balkan countries), African countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, and South Africa), and Asian countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Middle East) have made the Group increasingly multinational and present in the most diverse latitudes.


Globalization has also become a reality on the product side. Having always been active in the professional cosmetics channel, over recent years Alfaparf Milano has made its debut in Brazil in the consumer channel with the Alta Moda è... brand. This experience started (both at a manufacturing level and at a commercial penetration level) by working with stores and retail chains specialized in Hair products, as well as in parapharmacies and perfumeries.


The globalization phenomenon has influenced the way we work.  Today, all the Group's branches work in an interconnected way, ensuring consistent standards which are recognized internationally.