Our vision

We imagine a world in which, thanks to our products and services,
each person can experience beauty
and achieve wellbeing and happiness.

Our mission

To promote beauty and make a difference starting with the little things. How are we doing it?

Product performance

We aim to create innovative products, services, and technologies and to constantly improve their quality.


We react to the market developments, providing solutions quickly and effectively.


We combine the uniqueness of the Italian offering with the requirements and ideas from all over the world.


We implement concrete actions to reduce our environmental impact and protect people's rights.

Our Alfaparfpeople

From our family business roots we have learned to keep people at the center of our world and to cultivate authentic relationships with those around us, our Alfaparfpeople: employees, customers, hairstylists, beauticians, estheticians, suppliers and partners.

Our values


As in the best Italian tradition, we aspire to qualitative excellence and perfection in every detail by integrating practicality and imagination.

Agility and Courage

We are not afraid to take risks to find our way: we do this by eliminating unnecessary complications in order to speed up performance.


We move forward in the world with our eyes, ears, and hearts wide open, being particularly careful to understand the different sensitivities of the people with whom we come into contact.

Integrity and Responsibility

As indicated in our Code of Ethics, we embrace the values of integrity and responsibility towards Alfaparfpeople, stakeholders, the territories and the environment.

Passion for Beauty

The industry in which we operate is unique and multifaceted: it unleashes the imagination, creates positive experiences, and helps people feel better in their everyday lives.