Creating value through innovation

Generating long-term value

Generating long-term value is our primary objective and, to achieve this, we have adopted a responsible and sustainable strategy with the aim of constantly improving our economic and financial performance. In doing so, we are not neglecting the environmental aspect (promoting the control and minimization of environmental impacts, the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of waste production, etc.) and the social ones (promoting respect for human rights, inclusion, equal opportunities, corporate well-being, etc.).

Research and development

Innovation, interpreted as improvement and positive change, can be applied to multiple aspects of our corporate activity - technology, organization, manufacturing processes, and products - and can prove to be a key element for the company’s success.


Innovation has always been part of Alfaparf Milano DNA: we listen and interpret changes in society and the environment, and we carry out research and development to create new solutions with high quality and excellent performance.

Procurement and supply chain

We pay close attention to procurement and the supply chain and make sure that this corporate process is also conducted responsibly.


We select suppliers through a pre-qualification questionnaire and, subsequently, a qualification questionnaire, asking for their compliance with internationally-recognized ethical/social and environmental principles and standards.

All our suppliers must abide by Alfaparf Milano's Code of Ethics, committing themselves to adopting its principles and guidelines.


We constantly monitor our suppliers, not only to highlight any non-conformities in conduct, but also, most importantly, to actively promote corporate sustainability, through constant dialogue and the sharing of information, best practices, and ideas for improvement.