Being transparent and responsible

Conducting business in a sustainable way

We want to conduct our activities in a transparent and responsible way, communicating our strategy, our objectives and our results to all stakeholders and integrating their expectations into our decision-making processes. We undertake to manage our resources efficiently and strategically, to generate value for the company and also to contribute to the socio-economic development of the territory in which we operate, the growth of our people and of all the individuals that make up our value chain, the protection of the environment, and the promotion of respect for human rights.

Sustainability and business

We have chosen to conduct our business in a sustainable way, and this has meant that we have needed to make a profound change. Starting with a strategic review, the transition to sustainability is driven through a change management process which is aimed at integrating sustainability into our corporate strategy.


Alfaparf Milano undertakes to integrate not only the economic aspects, but also the social and environmental ones into its decision-making process, constantly taking into consideration the expectations of the stakeholders.

Risk management

Addressing risk is an inevitable and essential element of any company, and risk management is a key priority.


Alfaparf Milano intends to identify, evaluate, and constantly monitor all its risks, which include economic, environmental, social and governance ones, and adopt proactive management by implementing actions and preventive measures which are capable of anticipating critical issues and mitigating their impacts.


This new approach was incorporated into our Code of Ethics in early 2022.

Transparent communication

To maintain a strong relationship with stakeholders and instill trust in the Group, it is essential to communicate clear, reliable, accurate, complete and comparable information.

We do this through the Sustainability Report in which, every year, we voluntarily describe our performance and our improvement objectives, following the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) international reporting standards.