Semi di Lino Curls

The Semi di Lino line improves the texture of curls and waves, hydrates hair and keeps it looking beautiful.

The line's active ingredients

Urban Defence Pro

Total protection anti-pollution shield.

Shine Fix Complex

24h illuminating power from root to tip.

Color Fix Complex

UV filter and antioxidant for beautiful lasting color.


A protective barrier keeps the hair hydrated in the event of changes in temperature and humidity.

Manketti Oil

Nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber.


*Difference in volume between treated and untreated hair. Hair type tested: wavy.
**Use of Hydrating Co-Wash + Enhancing Mask, measurement carried out on dry hair.
***Test carried out on curly hair, after a 16-day SDL Curls treatment cycle.
****Average value of the volume differences measured on treated vs untreated hair. Hair type tested: curly.
  • Less fluffy curls*
  • More manageable curls**
  • Extra hydration***
  • Frizz***

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