Alfaparf Milano is one of the Italian Best Performing companies

Alfaparf Milano once again stands out among the leading Italian companies, both in terms of its revenues and its profits.


L’Economia, a Corriere della Sera magazine, works together with ItalyPost to annually draw up a ranking of the companies with the best growth rates in the country: the ranking of the thousand Champions.


Our Group is one of the Italian companies that have been constantly growing since the years of the pandemic, despite the costs being incurred for energy, raw materials, and logistics. This result is no doubt due to its solid foundations which have been built over the years, based on everyone’s work, through a path of innovation and constant investment, as well as on sustainability strategies, and not least on the value that most distinguishes Alfaparf Milano: human resources.


We are happy to announce this new recognition, which rewards the Group and its actions aimed at the continuous development of Italian products.