Alfaparf receives "Dyslexia Friendly Company" certification from AID


The acknowledgement comes at the end of a process of revision of the personnel selection and management processes carried out with the Italian Dyslexia Association



Bergamo, 20 December 2022 - Alfaparf Milano, a worldwide reference group in the professional cosmetic market, has received the Dyslexia Friendly Company certification from AID.


The award, presented this morning by  the President of the DSA and AID Work Committee, Susanna Marchisi, to the Vice President of Alfaparf Milano and President of Beauty & Business SpA Attilio Brambilla, comes at the end of the  "DSA Progress for Work" project, a step-by-step path aimed at increasing awareness on Specific Learning Disorders.  and to remove barriers and obstacles to the success and professional success of people with this characteristic.


In Italy, Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) affect almost 3 million people – about 5% of the population. They concern the ability to read fluently and write and calculate correctly but can also lead to difficulties in other areas such as memory and attention.  These are neurodivergences or neuroatypicality, innate and  invisible characteristics that remain throughout life and whose difficulties can be compensated over time with the right tools and strategies.  Alongside the difficulties there are often multiple and precious strengths such as unconventional thinking, creativity and problem solving.


In the workplace, also thanks to Law 25/2022 which provides specific protections for workers, it is a very current and increasingly felt issue. Addressing it can represent  not only an opportunity for inclusion and enhancement of people with ASD but also  a discovery for those who have never received a diagnosis or have received it late, thus not having been able to increase self-awareness and identify effective tools and strategies.


The path of Alfaparf Milano, launched a year ago, involved the Personnel Department in training and awareness-raising activities, in the experimentation of good practices in the processes of selection and management of personnel, involving both people with DSA already present in the Company and young dyslexic candidates. 


"In Alfaparf I was finally able to tell myself without filters.  – says Simone, one of the young dyslexics recently included in the team. "In my life I have faced different experiences of selection and I have always preferred to omit my characteristic for fear of not being understood and being discarded because it is unjustly labeled.  I thank the Company for having been able to understand and enhance my real skills and competences. Dyslexia is not a problem but an opportunity to be seized".

"The recognition as Dyslexia Friendly Company represents a further step of Alfaparf Milano in the field of diversity and inclusion" -  underlined Attilio Brambilla Vice President of Alfaparf Milano and President of Beauty & Business SpA - "For years we have had several inclusion projects in place in Italy as well as in the other countries where we are present and it seemed important to us take advantage of the stimulus of AID to think about our selection processes and talent management in general, so as   to be able to more effectively welcome workers with DSA".

"It is with great pride that we give Italian excellence like Alfaparf the recognition of Dyslexia Friendly Company" - said Susanna Marchisi, President of the DSA and Work Committee of AID.  "Alfaparf's path has distinguished itself for concrete and valuable actions such as the inclusion of dyslexic young people, who were able to express themselves freely in selection interviews, and the experimentation of good practices for the management, support and support of dyslexic people already present in the company.  I thank Alfaparf for its great sensitivity on the issue of DSA, for its commitment to ensuring reasonable accommodation and for understanding the added value of workers with SLD".