Alfaparf milano celebrates world cancer day
by supporting la forza e il sorriso onlus

On occasion of World Cancer Day, marked every February 4, ALFAPARF MILANO renews its commitment to the fight against this disease and support for the people who suffer from it. According to the Global Cancer Statistics 2020 study, one person in 5 in the world will develop cancer during their lifetime. In 2040, new cancer cases in the world will increase by 47% compared to 2020. It is thus indispensable to support scientific research and disseminate prevention strategies, because without prompt intervention, this increase could overwhelm healthcare systems. It’s also fundamental to improve quality of life for people fighting this disease, in order to help them win their battle.

Alfaparf milano stands with women who have cancer by supporting La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus, which organizes completely free beauty workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment. The purpose is to help them recover their inner strength and their smile in the mirror. But it’s also an opportunity to talk about this disease and make more people aware.

ALFAPARF MILANO actively supports La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus and every year donates its cosmetic products to the Beauty Gives Back fundraising effort. Over the past two years, this initiative has been digital due to the pandemic. Through an online platform, everyone who wants to contribute to the non-profit was able to make a donation and receive prestigious beauty gifts right at home. Last year’s effort was completely sold out by the first day, testifying to the strong sense of responsibility and closeness to women who are battling cancer.

ALFAPARF MILANO wants to greatly expand the culture of cancer prevention and awareness and actively support people suffering from this disease. We all need to be committed to win this battle.

Together we can do it!