Alfaparf Milano Celebrates World Art Day

Alfaparf Milano celebrates World Art Day, which unites the world in one great festival of art. April 15 is also the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci: what better day to celebrate art?

World Art Day was created to help spread knowledge of art and an awareness of its importance in human lives. Through its universal language, art becomes a symbol of peace, sharing, and freedom of expression.

For us at Alfaparf, art in the broader sense involves every human activity that we enthusiastically promote every day, through our work, the creativity of our professionals and the beauty we spread throughout the world.

Art is part of our culture, our history, and our land, and we believe it’s our duty to preserve and safeguard the artistic heritage that surrounds us, to ensure that it’s accessible to everyone and to make it available for future generations.

Since 2018, the Alfaparf Milano has supported the Fondazione Accademia Carrara, which manages the vitally important artistic heritage of Accademia Carrara of Bergamo, which holds a collection of very significant paintings that range from the Renaissance all the way to the late 19th century. In addition to the paintings are sculptures, drawings, and exquisite examples of the decorative arts: small bronzes, medals, fans, porcelain, pewter, and gold and silverware. Through the initiatives conceived by Alfaparf Milan Professional  and DIBI Milan, the Group is committed to heightening public awareness of the works of Accademia Carrara, drawing people closer to art and bringing out the love of beauty that’s in every one of us.

Happy World Art Day to everyone!